Documentation of the business card smart system of the chamber of commerce, industry, mines and agriculture of Iran The business card smart system was a system based on Java language and a great job in the center for information technology of Iran developed gradually. Documentation of the logical and technical designs was performed sporadically. The project team with ten members including programmers and software designers and information systems designers for 10 months in 2014 succeeded to document the system in a new frame. The following demo is the first section of the system used together with another company in a distinct portal.

Organizational architecture of the information technology unit of Dana Energy Company

In 2013, the unit selected ITIL. For this purpose, the process advisory began and the unit’s processes were documented during different phases according to ITIL Standard and BPMN language. As Marval  software was bought, the issue of services became more serious and after some time, the portal of the organizational architecture of the nit was delivered in summer 2017. The portal delivered in the organization is in Latin language and facilitates the agreements with foreign companies.

Organizational architecture of Tehran University

Tehran University has been our main customer wit 6000 employees and professors and more than 60000 students and with a high geographical distribution. Unlike what others believe, it was not a research work and 30 members helped us in the project team and presented a professional work for a big organization. The most important feature of the project was architectural design for all main deputies of the university in one year. The project has been followed from 2016 to now.

Process models of the information technology center of the comprehensive tax plan

The comprehensive tax plan was a common plan between the tax organization and the french Bool Company, designing and applying the comprehensive tax system of the country for more than 10 years. The project needed more accurate registry of the technical knowledge as the domestic and foreign parties separated in the final years of its mission. Hence, the center of knowledge record was launched around the process with the decision of the knowledge management group. And after 2 months, the initial processes of Fava group of the center were documented and presented through educating the experts in summer 2017.