Iliatous technological excellence company with the registration number 62774 started its activity in 2017. But its beginning dates back to 2010 when the center for excellence group (c4e) was formed and focused its activities on organizational excellence affairs. Before that time, the partners of the company were active in projects such as architecture of processes and organizational architecture from 2003.

However, the company was registered in 2017 with a certain mission and that is to focus on organizational excellence activities. Ilia is a holy name showing excellent human perfection and our purpose in c4e is to provide the main conditions to help organizations reach the excellent places in their activities.

For this purpose, we provide the following services for customers throughout the world with the best quality and newest scientific achievements:

  • Enterprise socio-technical blueprints documentations
  • Maintenance of enterprise socio-technical blueprints repository
  • Business processes management from improvement to automation
  • Enterprise architecture from strategy to information technology
  • System analyses and design


Management consultant


Designing organizational architecture and its dashboards in organizations


Being one of the best three companies providing services related to the mission in Iran in the future five years.

Core Values

  • Ethical privilege including trusteeship, honesty and kindness
  • Permanent development of technology and technical knowledge in organizational fields

Master Strategies

  • Registering and sharing organizational design knowledge
  • Providing services with acceptable cost and time and ensuring capability of organizations
  • Distinct capability to operationalize architecture in organizations